How To Host A ‘Binner’ Party

Fighting food waste is more fun with friends…

Looking for something a little different for your next social gathering? Why not get some of your favourite people together and host a Binner Party?

What’s a Binner Party?
A Binner Party is a dinner party based on using up food waste.

What kind of food should I use?
This depends on how complicated you want your party to be.  Here are some ideas:
1 – Everyone brings leftovers from dishes they’ve made that week and shares them.
2 – Each person cooks one or more dish using leftover ingredients from their own home.
3 – Each person collects food waste from an outside source (such as Olio or Food2Change) and uses it to prepare a dish.
4 – The group collects food waste from outside sources and comes together to spend the afternoon cooking and preparing dishes.

What else can I do?
Add some extra fun to your parties by including waste-themed activities:
1 –  Have everyone bring an old canvas bag to decorate with fabric paints, stencils and embroidery.
2 – Utensil swap – bring old kitchen gadgets or cooking tools that you never use and swap them with your friends.
3 – Set up your own cookbook book club.
4 – Make some wine cork crafts.

If your Binner Parties are a big success, you could try setting up a bigger event (such as a supper-club) and invite people to purchase tickets or donate to Feedback.

If you’d like your food event to be featured by us you can contact us or post on our Facebook page.

Featured photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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