Surprising things you’ll find in my freezer

Your freezer is a wonderful piece of technology that saves so many ingredients from being wasted. Here are a few foods that you probably didn’t know you could freeze.

Grapes and Berries

Grapes and berries, whether supermarket bought, home grown or foraged, are a delightful guilt-free treat but their delicate nature means they often rot quickly. Combat this by freezing them so that you can grab a refreshing snack whenever you feel like it!

Grapes have the added advantage of working excellently as ice cubes for drinks. Put 2 or 3 into a glass of white wine and enjoy a cool drink that wont turn watery.

Flour and Butter

Take a tip from the master bakers: keep your flour and butter in the freezer.
Flour often hides away at the back of the cupboard where it can go off if left too long. Storing it in the freezer will keep it fresh almost indefinitely. Store it in airtight bags and bring it up to room temperature when you’re ready to use it.

For best baking results, keep butter in the freezer and grate the amount you need for your recipe. Butter will keep for 6 months in the freezer and grated butter incorporates with flour well leading to perfect fluffy pastry.


Another fruit that can turn very quickly. Instead of leaving bananas to go brown, freeze them and blend them to create a delicious dairy-free ice cream.


It seems like avocados go from rock-solid to too-brown-to eat in a matter of seconds. Storing avocado in the freezer isn’t going to give you the best results if you like your avo’ fresh on sourdough in the morning but it’s perfect for guac lovers. You can buy your avocados in bulk, puree and freeze, and then it’s ready to be whipped up into your next guacamole batch.


I used to hate recipes that called for fresh herbs. When I buy it from the supermarket there’s always more than I need and it’s so difficult to use it up before it turns soggy and limp. Fresh herbs such as rosemary, sage and oregano can be frozen in oil and added easily to recipes later. Simply place a small amount of the chopped herb into ice cube trays, top up with olive oil and freeze.

Cooked Rice

Learning this really changed my life! If you use a rice cooker it always seems like you make too much rice to feed only one or 2 people. Instead of overeating or throwing away your leftover rice, let it cool and portion it up into sealed freezer bags. You can defrost it in the microwave or by putting it in a saucepan on the stove with a little water or stock.

Header Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

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